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Jeff Marontate (Director) Jeff  brings to the Stone & Sky project a great love of classical theatre;  he has adapted plays by Euripides, Plautus and Aristophanes for performance with Korda Artistic Productions, where he has served for resident Director since 2002, directing 34 plays from The Rocky Horror Show to a Klingon Titus Andronicus.  He has also directed for Theatre Windsor, Rose City Rising Stars and Sun Parlour Players.  A teacher with the Greater Essex County District School Board for 25 years, Jeff is in his second year as Program Lead for the Walkerville Centre for the Creative Arts where he hopes to share his love of great theatre with his students.  He also teaches new drama teachers at the University of Windsor’s Faculty of Education.

Ray Manzerolle (Saxophonist, Composer), the soulful alto saxophonist had a decade long association with multi Grammy Award winning acoustic guitarist Earl Klugh. He went on to perform and record alongside many Jazz, R&B & Urbane Music icons, including Patti LaBelle, George Benson, Oleta Adams, Patrice Rushen, Keith Washington, George Duke, Gene Dunlap, Dennis Coffey as well as the late Teena Marie. Recently Ray has turned his attention to composition and to the (notoriously difficult) soprano saxophone. World renowned Jazz author and critic Scott Yanow describes Ray’s playing as “has his own conception…, plays melodically, and makes every note count!”

Patricia Fell (Lead Design) Patricia’s career as a professional artists for more than 30 years has embraced award winning design for the theatre, education, and the promotion of social justice issues.  Her extensive background in community based arts initiatives place her in an educated position from which to project a unique and achievable production outcome.  Her body of work includes experience in design for the theatre, installation art, performance art, production management, and all levels of theatre administration.  Patricia’s role is to plan the overview of the series, scheduling, act as design head, and liaise with the Pelee Island community.

Vanessa Hughes (Designer) is a designer, artist, and historian of Canadian-made fashion and clothing who writes and edits the blog and video series Fashion Canadiana.  She has a degree in History specializing in fashion in art from the University of Windsor and was trained in Fashion Design at the International Academy of Design in Toronto, Ontario.  She has worked behind the scenes on costuming for theatrical productions with Windsor Feminist Theater and The St Clair College Musical Theater Program and has a strong philosophical background in supporting Canadian artists and designers.  Vanessa also works with several Canadian independent fashion brands on media, photography and marketing.

Anh Nguyen (Choreographer) is a choreographer and composer based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.  Currently, he is the artistic director and technical trainer of HNM Dance Company; he also makes regular guest appearances with other progressive dance companies, symphony orchestras, art galleries, and universities including American Ballet Theatre, Dancetheatre David Earle, Toronto Symphony Orchestra, South Dakota Symphony Orchestra, Michigan Opera Theatre, Detroit Institute of the Arts, University of Michigan, and Wayne State University.  In recognition for his contribution to artistic and cultural life, Anh was given the Mayor’s Award of Excellence for Outstanding Artist.  The Globe & Mail describes his work as “Brilliant”.

HNM Dance Company is a modern/contemporary dance group based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada since 1995.  The ensemble is made up of real people with real lives from age 8 yo 80…  HNM is recognized for its sensual musicality, starkly dramatic, and wildly humorous repertoire.  HNM values collaborations with artists and organizations in all disciplines, and is committed to making dance accessible.

Sheniz Janmohamed (Poet/Educator) is an author, artist educator, and spoken word artist.  A graduate of the MFA in Creative Writing program at the University of Gurlph, Sheniz has been mentored by authors Dionne Brand, Kuldip Gill, and Janice Kulyk Keefer.  She has performed nationally and internationally for over 10 years, including features at the TedXYouth Conference (Toronto, 2010), the Jaipur Literature Festival (Jaipur, 2013), and the Aga Khan Museum (Toronto, 2015).  Her work has been published in various print and online journals and anthologies including West Coast Line, SUFI, and Descant.

Alice MacLean was born in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, where the surrounding lakes and Atlantic ocean inspired her curiosity with nature, and connected her to the materials and processes found in everyday environments. Alice studied Biology at Dalhousie University, which established her observational and investigative approach to understanding the world. While attending NSCAD University to concentrate on painting, she strengthened her abilities with figurative and observational representation and attended the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, in Paris.  Fluidity is at the heart of Alice’s work. Solitary figures are shown in nebulous depictions, composing inner worlds of experience – expressing tensions held within the body. The figures create introspective environments, communicating subtle experiences of constantly changing sensations occurring throughout the body, giving visual expression to everyday interactions, gestures, and intangible moments.  Alice has exhibited her work in Halifax, Paris, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Toronto — where she currently lives and works.  For more information, check out her interview with Novella Magazine: A Conversation with Alice MacLean, May 9, 2017

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