Visual Artists


John Maurer’s brief history in the fine art world has followed a successful 40 plus year career in commercial art, design, advertising and marketing.  John worked his way through studios and ad agencies to move from the art board to sales positions, market planning, public relations and the managing of creative departments. He has experience in all areas of the advertising and design related tasks including illustration, graphic design, print technology, photography, publishing and writing.  The majority of his years were spent in a conceptual role managing creative for clients and the departments that produced the work. For most of those years John served a dual role and communicated the client’s wishes to the creative team. Upon retirement he decided to take up painting again and show his work to interested parties: to John, it’s the joy and challenge of creating and then sharing those images with others.

 Collette Broeders
Collette received a BFA (Honours) from the University of Windsor in 2009.  She is a passionate mixed media artist merging traditional processes with new media and performance.  She has been exhibiting nationally and internationally in solo and group exhibitions including Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Calvin College, Work Detroit, Artcite, Inc., & Thames Art Gallery.  Most recent work includes media installation at Devos Center, Grand Rapids, Michigan, performance drawing at University of Michigan gallery, Work Detroit, Michigan, Art Gallery of Windsor, Niagara Artist Centre and most recent exhibit at Amateras Foundation, Bulgaria.  She is an active artist & founding member of one ten park: a working space.

Lara Fournier (entrepreneur, artist, nurse, activist, and mother) was born on Saugeen First Nation.  Her artistic talents started to take off at an early age, and she attended St. Clair College (graphic arts) and the University of Windsor (fine arts), both in Windsor, Ontario.  With the precariousness of working as an artist, Lara wanted a better salary, and graduated with high honors from nursing, where she obtained employment for many years.  In 2013, Lara told herself that it was time for the realization of her own business.  Introduce …Working Horse, dedicated to her family and her special sister, Diane.  She works on Native crafts, oil paintings, jewelry, and beaded goods, which she also teaches.  Open to all manners of expression, Lara is currently working on new projects with Windsor Feminist Theatre and ArtCite.  Lara is a proud survivor of the 60’s scoop and she stands strong with her re-discovered culture.

Carolyn Hardy is a self-taught surrealist artist from Kingsville, Ontario who prefers to use acrylic paints on unique wooden canvases. She has a recognizable style and at 26 years young has sold over 300 paintings across North America. Carolyn is an exhibiting artist working with local musicians and wineries, and is also the resident artist and art director for Merlis’ Coffeehouse and Eatery in Kingsville, where more than 107 exhibiting artists and over 400 paintings are on display. Carolyn has an artistic family who sell and display their art at many local art festivals.

Patricia Fell
Patricia’s career as a professional artists for more than 30 years has embraced award winning design for the theatre, education, and the promotion of social justice issues.  Her extensive background in community based arts initiatives place her in an educated position from which to project a unique and achievable production outcome.  Her body of work includes experience in design for the theatre, installation art, performance art, production management, and all levels of theatre administration.  Patricia’s role is to plan the overview of the series, scheduling, act as design head, and liaise with the Pelee Island community.

 Alice MacLean was born in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, where the surrounding lakes and Atlantic ocean inspired her curiosity with nature, and connected her to the materials and processes found in everyday environments. Alice studied Biology at Dalhousie University, which established her observational and investigative approach to understanding the world. While attending NSCAD University to concentrate on painting, she strengthened her abilities with figurative and observational representation and attended the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, in Paris.   Fluidity is at the heart of Alice’s work. Solitary figures are shown in nebulous depictions, composing inner worlds of experience – expressing tensions held within the body. The figures create introspective environments, communicating subtle experiences of constantly changing sensations occurring throughout the body, giving visual expression to everyday interactions, gestures, and intangible moments.  Alice has exhibited her work in Halifax, Paris, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Toronto — where she currently lives and works.  For more information, check out her interview with Novella Magazine: A Conversation with Alice MacLean, May 9, 2017