Visual Artists


Collette Broeders
Collette received a BFA (Honours) from the University of Windsor in 2009.  She is a passionate mixed media artist merging traditional processes with new media and performance.  She has been exhibiting nationally and internationally in solo and group exhibitions including Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Calvin College, Work Detroit, Artcite, Inc., & Thames Art Gallery.  Most recent work includes media installation at Devos Center, Grand Rapids, Michigan, performance drawing at University of Michigan gallery, Work Detroit, Michigan, Art Gallery of Windsor, Niagara Artist Centre and most recent exhibit at Amateras Foundation, Bulgaria.  She is an active artist & founding member of one ten park: a working space.

James W. Cook is an award-winning snow sculptor, ice carver, and pumpkin carver, proficient in the arts in nearly all mediums.  Born in Sudbury, he subsequently grew up in Kirkland Lake, where he acquired his love of the outdoors. He was always a naturally talented artist, “If it leaves a mark on canvas, paper, or whatever surface, or if I can turn a shapeless into a shape, I will do it given the opportunity”.  JWC Multimedia Artist maintains an active involvement with the Ottawa Arts Council, Arts Network Ottawa, the National Capital Network of Sculptors, Arteast Ottawa. Local engagements include Winterlude (ice-carving), Merveilles de Sable (sand-sculpting), the Canadian Stone Carvers Festival, Dimensions sculpture show, and carving pumpkins in the Byward Market and Lansdowne Park.

 Carolyn Hardy is a self-taught surrealist artist from Kingsville, Ontario who prefers to use acrylic paints on unique wooden canvases. She has a recognizable style and at 26 years young has sold over 300 paintings across North America. Carolyn is an exhibiting artist working with local musicians and wineries, and is also the resident artist and art director for Merlis’ Coffeehouse and Eatery in Kingsville, where more than 107 exhibiting artists and over 400 paintings are on display. Carolyn has an artistic family who sell and display their art at many local art festivals.

Anja Karisik, Gary Landon, and W. David Ward are the heart, mind and soul (in no particular order) of the New Regionalism Project. This idea was conceived on Pelee Island, when these three independent artists first traveled there together in 2016; since then, they have developed numerous group projects celebrating the two-century old tradition of Regionalism in art. Their work reflects the core values of this perennial art movement – beauty, nature and truth – and their playful approach to art and life (centred on the idea of ‘Place’) is aimed at reconnecting us with the land. Canada starts here, after all, on Pelee Island.

Alice MacLean was born in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, where the surrounding lakes and Atlantic ocean inspired her curiosity with nature, and connected her to the materials and processes found in everyday environments. Alice studied Biology at Dalhousie University, which established her observational and investigative approach to understanding the world. While attending NSCAD University to concentrate on painting, she strengthened her abilities with figurative and observational representation and attended the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, in Paris.  Fluidity is at the heart of Alice’s work. Solitary figures are shown in nebulous depictions, composing inner worlds of experience – expressing tensions held within the body. The figures create introspective environments, communicating subtle experiences of constantly changing sensations occurring throughout the body, giving visual expression to everyday interactions, gestures, and intangible moments.

Tina Newlove continues to be recognized by curators and jurors as an artist who is making a significant contribution to the cultural life of Canada.  The Arts & Letters Club of Toronto founded by members of the Group of Seven commissioned Tina to create the annual 1998/99 Executive List.  Her abstract oil painting titled Organizing my Mind is in the City of Toronto’s permanent collection.  In 2011 Newlove received a First Place Award for her bronze sculpture A Song Grew Through My Rib Cage from Lakeshore Arts and in 2010 an Award of Merit for her painting Step Lightly at the Art Gallery of Hamilton.  In 2008 Tina’s sponsors for her PROTECTION exhibition at the Latcham Gallery included Bruce Cockburn and the Ontario Arts Council.  Tina Newlove is a founding member of Tribe of One, a Canadian Performance Collective that fuses the soul of Indigenous folk-funk rock with English, French, First Nation and Metis, singers, dancers, painters and musicians.  In 2014 Tina has received an exhibition assistance grant for her solo show Nervous Wait from the Ontario Arts Council and was recommended by the Art Gallery of Burlington.