Peter Hrastovec, Karloff & Manzerolle in the Quarry

Where stone meets the sky on Saturday night, I saw the humidity sculpted by words like a teeming of blue butterflies as Peter Hrastovec, (a talented orator in his own right) spoke aloud to a growing audience of twinkling eyes, just before the fading of the day’s light. I believe we saw that painting by Emily Carr, and old friends, reminding us of this big country we live in all of us gathered in this quarry, on Pelee Island. A gentleman to the end, he then introduced Karloff & Manzerolle.
What Peter sculpted of the humidity stuck to Ray Manzerolle’s shirt as Karloff began to play piano. Undaunted, Manzerolle cajoled our ears to stay and listen, not seeing the sweaty mess he had become. Twas s’wonderful listening to an eclectic measure of the smoothest jazzed up interpretations of Dave Brubeck’s Take Five, and George Harrison’s gently weeping guitar as heard through piano and saxophone.

Through the wet, and words, and music, Patricia Fell’s scenic panel representing Earth hung from the quarry’s wall. Earth hung from earth; immobile and permanent. The silent declaration of the possibility of transcendence from an impermanent canvas reminding any human who cares to see, of our ability to change.

A spectacular evening.

Julie Marcotte
The Island Spectator