Highlight of the Canada Day Weekend- June 30

Amidst fish-flies and ferry delays, Stone and Sky held it’s second performance of the season, serendipitously providing much-needed entertainment for those trapped on the island for a few extra hours. And an amply entertaining evening it was! 

At five-thirty guests dined on cucumber salad and falafel wraps topped Patrica’s homemade pickled peppers, provided by Windsor Feminist Theatre. 

The performance opened with a presentation by the evenings’ co-organizers the New Regionalism Project. In this presentation, Visual artist David Landon discussed the importance of fostering grassroots community and empowering artists to curate their own work. He proceeded to introduce the next act, poet Robert Landon. 

In the half-hour that ensued, the young literary artist shared a selection of poetry he has composed during his residency on Peele. It was a heartfelt set that leaped rhythmically from the personal to the universal and back. Landon left his audience with the urge to take greater time with loved ones and to find a greater love for the simple things in life.

The final act of the evening was Kitchener based folk-rock band, ‘The Oldest Man I Know’. This energetic four-piece group featured Kieran Northbound on the guitar, 

Emily (Al) Flowers in the fiddle, Dave Pike on the double bass, and Taylor Esch on Banjo and lead vocals. Together they created a joyful, twangy, wildly danceable sound, with original lyrics that described familiar Canadian places and the tales attached to them. 

We could not have asked for a more fitting group of artists to grace us on the Canada Day weekend! Thanks to all that attended our Festiva Regionalista! Tune in next Sunday for the next installment of Pelee’s finest cultural programming.