Letters To Grace

Stemming from the book Amazing Grace, a work for 11 actors and 8 musicians, Letters to Grace was performed August 14th at the Suzanne Turnbull Memorial Amphitheatre in The Quarry, Pelee Island, Ontario. Produced by Waawiiyaatanong Feminist Theatre, the script was written by Marty Gervais (Windsor’s poet laureate emeritus), and the original contemporary classical music is composed by Jeff Smallman.  Directed by Patricia Fell, & music direction by Nadine DeLeury, “Letters to Grace is the story of a handful of courageous young nursing grads from Grace Hospital, Windsor, told specifically through letters dispatched from makeshift hospital tents at the front lines in France during World War II, from leprosy clinics in India, and from remote South African missions.” (Marty Gervais)  This inter-multi arts production ends with the letters of two contemporary nurses working in COVID-19 wards.  For more info, photos and videos, please go to: