The Stone & Sky Music & Arts Series (Stone & Sky, operating continuously since 2012) creates an accessible outdoor three season cultural centre through live multi-disciplinary performances by primarily local professional artists and artists’ residencies. Artists’ residencies in dignified, private accommodations provide us with the opportunity to develop a safe and sustainable way to share artistic works with new audiences and communities, promoting future collaborations across genres.

A disused, fossil filled limestone quarry amphitheatre and former landfill on Pelee Island (a distinctive venue with magnificent acoustic properties), is our performance venue. The Quarry creates an “art park” where established and emergent professional artists can perform in a natural, matchless, and accessible setting. The contributions of artists act as a cultural bridge between the Island and the artistic world at large. This is a unique project without parallel within our community, or indeed, within Canada.

Cherry Grove Cabins

Amenities include an odorless composting toilet, camp shower bath-house, rustic kitchen facilities, and enough fireflies and owls to make evenings magical. Pelee Island is renowned for remarkable biodiversity, birding, biking, and wine:
Natural Heritage | Pelee Island

Please visit the Artist Residency Experiences page to read artists’ feedback about their creative time on the island.

Stone and Sky – Stone and Sky Music and Art Series

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