Thank you, Artists

 Amenities: This is an expansive project, and could not possibly happen without your help and the help of our community partners, we love all of you!  If you believe there are absolutely no amenities on the Island, you will be pleasantly surprised at the few we have; the Legion (good & reasonably priced breakfast), bike rental shop, museum, art centre, medical clinic, OPP office, LCBO (the only place where you can get cash back), Pelee Island Winery, Westview Tavern, The Dog & Goat restaurant, ice cream, hot dog, sausage & taco stands, and Co-Op (gas & groceries available).  There is no bank, drug store, or convenience store.  We started a farmers market which takes place from 10-1 on Saturdays, and it can supply many of your food needs.  There is an amazing abundance of natural heritage which will knock your socks off.

Ferry:  On the way over you must be at least a half an hour early as a walk on passenger on the ferry, if you are bringing a car, you must make reservations (519) 724-2115, and be at least one hour early.  The earlier you are, the better as a walk-on bringing your gear.  The ferry has large four-wheeled carts you can borrow to load your gear onto the ferry with, but they are limited in number.  We will meet you at the dock on Pelee. 

Performance Protocols: As far as performance day goes (Sundays), it is simple. Literary artists have a maximum 25 minute set from 6:05 sharp to 6:28ish.  Musicians are required to do a 45 minute set from 6:30-7:15pm sharp. Visual or other artists will perform/exhibit throughout.  Sound check takes place at 4:00. We will have you facing away from the South-East wall, so depending on the date, the sun can be shining right at you, but it is always in shade by performance time.  Rain venue is at the Winery Pavilion with our hostess, Alyssa Dreiman-Staples, 2 minutes away, and it will be called at 5:30 at latest.  The Winery also allows us to use their washrooms.  The events are usually catered by our partners, ArtWorks (healthy, home-cooked food at reasonable prices). The last ferry leaves at 8:00pm, so if anyone is leaving after the performance, you have to be packed up and at the ferry by 7:30pm.  Towards this end we have advertised, and will announce the ferry departure time, and that everyone has plenty of time to get there.  Please confirm your tech needs well in advance.  There is a ‘green room’ to warm up in.  You will be paid by cheque immediately following your performance.

 Accommodations: If you are planning to stay, the accommodations are tiny off-the-grid cabins with a “carry in carry out” policy in the forest, a 5 min. walk from the beach.  There is a shared “pantry” cabin & we will provide drinking water.  Bathing in the lake is encouraged, but we also have camp showers and a bathhouse, if rain water collection allows, plus warm showers are available at the municipal campground 1k away for $3.

Cherry Grove Residency Film

If you stay for a while, you will need: sunscreen, breathable garments, benadryl, towels, wide brimmed hat, sunglasses, insect repellant, flashlight, rain gear, sun gear, fly swatters, Band-Aids, aspirin/Tylenol, tensor bandage, hydrocortisone cream.  Remember that perfumed products attract insects.  We have some bikes, others are available for rent at the bike shop.  Poison ivy exists on the Island, as do chiggers – don’t worry, we will teach you how to identify and avoid them!: watch “How to never have a serious poison ivy rash again” on YouTube

Bring lots of healthy food: ready to eat or simple preparation works best.

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