This was a fantastic experience! Stone and Sky never disappoints. Thanks Patricia, for bringing together words, art and music in such a special setting. I’m very grateful to have been a part of this season. Karl and Collette, it was wonderful meeting you and having the opportunity to work alongside of you both. ~ Velda Kelly

It was an honour and great pleasure to read interspersed and alongside the Scarab ensemble (Nadine, Velda, Lisa). The cabins were great. Truly lovely wood-work! And it was nifty to be in the midst of a natural setting. It’s a wonderful Fest and I was delighted to be part of it. ~ Dr. Karl Jirgens, Editor, Rampike Magazine

As a musician, I started to perform for Stone & Sky in 2015 and have fond memories of every Summer, clearly remembering each artist and author we partnered with. The June 2022 performance had the added excitement that, due to the pandemic, I had not been to the Island since 2019, and really missed the unique experience that Stone & Sky offers, of combining words with music and visual art. This was also my first time staying in a “tiny house” which was, not only very comfortable, but also very special for being surrounded by nature. The island, the unique performing space of the Quarry, the friendly staff, the appreciative audience, all made for a memorable experience for everybody involved. ~ Nadine Delury

“Performing at the Pelee Quarry was one of my most intimate art experiences. The lovely crowd was very receptive and supportive and seemed to really enjoy the performances. The environment was also beautiful and amazing to be in. I would definitely love to be out there with that crowd again.” ~ Bunmi Africa

My short reflection from the residency last week “Stone & Sky” gave me the support I needed to write a new play.  Being there for a week in an inspiring place with generous company I generated more pages than I imagined.  I emerged with a love for Pelee Island and a confidence that I can take my art to the next level. ~ Kari Barclay

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