Stone & Sky is an eclectic series of artist events encompassing spoken word, visual arts, music and theatre.  It takes place throughout the summer in a disused quarry and former landfill on Pelee Island.  Comprising twelve farmers markets with associated art workshops and master classes, five literary workshops, five spoken word, visual art, and musical concerts, one long weekend festival, and one theatrical finalé production, we seek to provide unique opportunities for both artists and this remote community.  The rotating and expanding roster of professional artists who participate in week long residencies boasts exceptional talent, heartfelt experience in community driven events, and a willingness to risk in collaborative expression.  Stone & Sky continues to expand this cultural bridge, strengthened by our merited reputation as an accessible provider of quality artist events.

This project was initiated in 2009 by the decision of Windsor Feminist Theatre (WFT, Founded 1980) to pursue the production of a multi-disciplinary arts series which would provide improved opportunities and facilities for emergent and established artistic talent to conduct or support performances, recitals, workshops and other like events, and for the general public to become aware of and appreciate theatre arts through original finalé productions featuring women’s voices and stories.

Our programming, both in outreach and presentation activities, provides people from this remote community with direct access to engage and participate in diverse, professional artistic experiences.